Tourism is the movement of the individual, and his travel for the sake of rest, recreation, or treatment, etc., and the most famous types of tourism adventure tourism, recreational tourism, religious tourism, medical tourism, beach tourism, marine tourism, Tourism tourism, eco-tourism, shopping tourism, cultural tourism, meditation tourism. One of the most distinguished tourist countries in the world is Egypt, and tourism is of great importance, we will mention in this article.

The importance of tourism in Egypt The importance of tourism in Egypt is a major source of national income. It is one of the distinctive tourist countries, because it contains many tourist attractions and historical monuments. The people of the Western European countries are the most visited to Egypt, followed by the people of the countries of Eastern Europe. Third place is the population of Africa. Each year, the percentage of tourism revenues in Egypt has grown to GDP, with revenues in 2008 reaching 5.5%, in 2009 5.3%, in 2010 4.5%, and in 2011 3.6%. The relative distribution of tourists according to places of visit according to statistics In 2013, 22.6% for Luxor, 18.7% for Pyramids of Giza, 14.9% for Aswan of Cairo, 11.6% for the Egyptian Museum and 6.9% for South Sinai. The tourist attractions of Egypt are from the Arab African countries, followed by many ancient civilizations, the most important of which is the ancient Pharaonic civilization, Islamic civilization, and the most important religious, tourist, historical and archeological landmarks in it: Mosques such as the Mosque of Al-Nasir Muhammad Ibn Qalawun, the Mosque of Sayeda Zeinab, , Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque, Al-Hakim Mosque in Ammarullah, Prophet Daniel Mosque and Ahmad Ibn Tulun Mosque. The Church of St. Barbara, the Church of the Virgin Tree, and the Church of St. George, which was built in 684 by the rich writer Athanasius, the Church of St. Mary, , The Church of Saint Mina, and the Cathedral of St. Mark. The ancient Pharaonic monuments, such as the statue of Isis and Horus, the mausoleum, the city of Ain Shams, the statue of Queen Nefertiti, the wife of the pharaoh Akhenaten, the hill of Amarna, the Saqqara, the Abu Simbel, the city of Aswan, the Sphinx, The pyramids built in Egypt, the tomb of Tutankhamun, one of the eighteenth-century pharaohs, the Sinfero pyramid, the town of Midum, the statue of Munkawara, the Khufu and his wife, the king’s bracelet in Senus I, and the Goose of Amun. The monasteries of Saint Anthony, the monastery of Marmina al-Ajaybi, the white monastery, and the monastery of St. Catherine. Castles as the citadel of the soldier, the fortress of Saladin, the fortress of Nuweiba, the fortress of Nakhl, and Qaitbay Castle.

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