Tourism and travel are the most enjoyable activities you can do in your life, especially if you have someone who shares this passion and encourages you. But often this very interesting activity turns into an event that gives rise to anxiety and tension; there are many people who think over and over again. Travel bags and travel expenses, and they have a lot of concerns and concerns from the plane ride to loss or theft concerns to the loss of luggage or luggage. We decided to bring you expert advice on travel and how to enjoy your trip. The best time on the To launch.

Expert tips for the best flight ever
1. Exercise patience
There are many things that you do not control in life, so you should not worry all the time and learn to control your anger and annoyance. Always try to think of something positive and recognize that there is your will and destiny and your will can not change the will of destiny. You were not destined to get something. Always look for the alternative, even if you did not plan on it.

2. wake up early
If you are somewhere new or even somewhere you have seen before, do not waste your time sleeping, remember that you are in this place to enjoy and not to waste time, wake up early and eat your breakfasts and go to see the city you visit, in the end you will return to your city where you live and keep Every inch of it and you can sleep as you like.

3. Enjoy even your sweetness
If you are in a country you visit for the first time or do not know your language well, then it is your chance to enjoy and laugh even from your naivety or ignorance of new things you know for the first time, do not be shy to dazzle you with what you see, and go off to enjoy your time as a great child.

4. Do not keep the owner in one place
There is a famous saying warning you to keep all the eggs in one basket. We also warn you to keep all your money in one place, but distribute the places of the funds you keep and always put an additional amount with you back up.

5. Get to know local people
In all the countries of the world there are places that are known to be for tourists, as they are arranged and packed and equipped in a certain way, these places are good to see but it is also excellent to go to know the nature of this place right, see the normal places inhabited by the citizens of this country and their local markets And places of worship, it may be strange to you but you will certainly feel great pleasure and near the great culture of the real country you are visiting.

6. Heavy piece
There are great climatic differences among all countries of the world so you should not forget to put in your bag even one piece to face the low temperature, even if you do not need it, will not bother you much, but on the contrary can be used while you are at the airport or anywhere late time at night.

7. Multiple copies
There are a lot of countries that know the high rate of theft, especially Eastern European countries and therefore must prepare yourself well for such information, try to keep with you always more than a hard copy and electronic documents of identity in order to save yourself in any situation may be exposed, especially if happened She was robbed.

8. Pick up lots of pictures
The time of your journey is quick and you return to your home and city. You can only feel the wonderfulness of your experience and some beautiful memories that you must document in many pictures for every place you visit, especially if you are trying something new and strange.

9. be humble
If you are in a new country, do not try to make yourself big or look like someone who writes on his forehead as a tourist. Try to simplify dealing with others and deal with them. I will not ask you to embrace everyone you see but you can just smile and hello. .

10. Be open-minded
It is important to see a lot of different people about you and your way of life, so you should be open minded and able to accept others always, and I advise you to read a little bit about the culture of the community you go To visit him so as not to be surprised by something strange, as well as to know the acceptable and unacceptable in the conduct of dealing with local citizens.

If you are traveling to a new country, you should take advantage of this opportunity to eat local food and learn about some of the different and strange activities carried out by the local citizens, and it is OK if you tried some of them or tried to volunteer once, remember that it is short duration and you should enjoy the maximum Experience.

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